Our consults start at 9 am Monday - Saturday which are by appointment only, but will see emergencies on an as need basis during opening hours.


We carry vaccinations for cats, dogs, and rabbits. With each vaccination, a full examination is performed at which time we will discuss any problems which have been detected.

The examination will cover the following:
Skin - Check for signs of infection on the skin or in the ears, hair loss, lumps, scratching or redness.
Chest - Listening to the heart and lungs to check for any murmurs or abnormal sounds.
Mouth - Gums, teeth, breath, lips and tongue are all checked.
Eyes - Clarity, eyelids and pupils.
Joints - Assess mobility, check for signs of arthritis.
Abdomen - Check for any abnormalities.
Body condition - Check your pet is in optimum condition.
General information - Flea, worming, heartworm and nutrition advice.

Any other problems that you would like to have checked over, can be discussed during the consultation.


We have a dedicated surgical theatre complete with monitoring devices. We also utilise one of the safest gaseous anaesthetics while performing surgery on your pet. There is an experienced veterinary nurse monitoring your pet’s anaesthetic during all procedures and recovery. Our routine surgeries all include pain relief, which is administered before surgery begins, and additional longer lasting pain relief is given on recovery, ensuring your pet has maximal comfort. In addition to this, all our patients undergoing routine surgical procedures are administered IV fluids during their anaesthetic, to maintain blood pressure, and give your pet a smooth recovery. We provide external heating to our patients to help them keep warm and comfortable.

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Dentistry is a very important aspect in maintaining your pet’s health. Did you know that dental disease affects more than two-thirds of our furry friends by the age of three? Dental disease can cause serious health problems such as kidney, liver or heart disease. We offer cleaning and polishing up to complete extractions of teeth. We have a state of the art dedicated veterinary dental machine, using ultrasonic technology to ensure your pets have the best cleaned, scaled and polished teeth. All dentals are done under a general anaesthetic and is monitored by an experienced nurse for the duration of the procedure.


Microchips are mandatory in all dogs and cats to be registered Victoria from 1 May 2007. It is the best way to enable you to be reunited with your pet, should it go missing. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice which is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. It is a quick procedure and can be done during a consultation. Any lost pet presented to our clinic is scanned with a microchip scanner to see if there is an owner of the pet. All sorts of animals can be microchipped including birds and reptiles.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have digital radiology processing unit which makes it easy to show clients the images as well as being able to send them to specialists in Melbourne on the same day, if required. With digital radiography, we are not only using advanced technology, but we are also using a more environmentally friendly option.

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We have in-house pathology as well as several pick ups for pathology services in Melbourne and Geelong.

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Puppy Pre-school

Our puppy pre-school has a maximum intake of 6 puppies to ensure adequate one on one time with each individual family. Our trainer is Delta certified which is a positive reward based training program. The course is run over 5 weeks. Puppy pre-school is a great way for your puppy to socialise with other puppies, and to learn good habits that can help them throughout their life.

Visiting services

With more complicated medical cases, we are able to get a diagnostician in to assist us. He has the capability to perform detailed diagnostic ultrasonography.

Comprehensive Range Of Pet Foods

We have a large range of pet foods from puppy to geriatric and from non-prescription to prescription. If there is a commercial diet you need which we don’t stock, we can arrange a special order.

Pet Toys and Treats

We have a range of treats, leads, collars, harnesses, coats (some locally made), and toys for your pet. This may keep your pet warm in the winter, safe in the car, or provide hours of entertainment while you are gone. Come in to see our range of items.

Weight control Programs

Our team of vets and nurses can assist in helping all pets achieve an ideal body condition. You are always welcome to visit the clinic to weigh your pet as frequently as you like. Special diets can be used in some cases to help your pet achieve their weight loss goals.

Chemotherapy Options

We know it can be very difficult finding out that your pet has cancer. Surgery is a common treatment used in many cancer patients, but we are fortunate enough that we can also offer chemotherapy options for certain types of cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy are often used in combination for the best outcomes, and are tailored to your individual pets needs.

Drop Off Appointments

We know it can be difficult to have time available to take your pet to the clinic, have an appointment, and then return home. We offer drop off appointments, where you can simply drop your pet into us in the morning, fill in a brief summary of the problem and provide us with your contact information, and we can examine your pet during the day and call you with our findings.