Black-shouldered kite

This little black-shouldered kite was brought to us after being hit by a car. There was some blood on its wing. We also noticed the left wing was held at a different angle compared to the right one. We decided to take a radiograph of the bird. The radiograph showed a fracture in its wing.
The fracture is in the box in the radiograph above. The decision was made to attempt to fix the wing. We prepared the wing for surgery and proceeded to place a pin across the fracture to stabilise the wing allowing for the bone to heal. We placed the pin in the shaft of the bone and took follow up radiographs to be sure it was in the correct place. The wing was taped up so the bird would not be able to use the wing and was sent to wildlife carer. The bird was given pain relief and antibiotics. It was brought back 3 weeks later to see if the bone was healing. On that day, the pin was removed. It was sent back to the carer for another month before its successful release back into the wild.